Fixing Blocked Drains: A Bournemouth Homeowner’s Guide

As a homeowner in Bournemouth, there are few experiences similar to the dread that accompanies discovering a blocked drain in your home. When you reach a certain point, your trusty plunger just won’t cut it anymore and you’ll need to take things a notch higher. And although tackling such a task would seem intimidating, not to worry! Here’s a comprehensive guide to help the Bournemouth residents address and fix blocked drains.

The first and foremost step to concern yourself with when faced with a blocked drain in your Bournemouth home is identifying the source of the blockage. Quite often, the blocked drains bournemouth culprits behind these blockages are grease and fat from kitchen waste, hair, soap scum from bathrooms, or even tree roots infiltrating from outside. An understanding of the cause can assist in selecting the appropriate method to unblock the drain.

In cases of minor blockages, a standard method practised by many homeowners is the use of a plunger. The plunger, when placed over the drain and used correctly, can dislodge the blockage and clear your drain. This is achieved by the vacuum formed by the plunger, which pulls the blockage up and out of the drain pipe.

For blockages that persist, chemical drain cleaners are another option. You can find a variety of these at your local hardware store. However, one key point to note is that these chemicals are quite harsh and can cause damage to your pipes if used frequently. They can also be harmful to the environment and your health if mishandled. Therefore, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines closely when utilising these products.

Another effective option is using a plumber’s snake or a hand auger, which is a long, flexible metal rod that is pushed down the drain to dislodge the blockage. It can reach further into the drain compared to a plunger and is often successful where plungers fail. Additionally, for tougher blockages involving tree roots, a powered drain snake could serve as an effective tool.

However, if you’ve tried all the above DIY methods, and they seem to work temporarily or not at all, your drain blockage might be more severe than initially thought. It probably extends deeper in the drain system, or your pipe might be damaged. In this case, it is highly advised to hire professional plumbers.

Professional plumbers come equipped with advanced tools like drain cameras that provide real-time video feed of the state of your drain pipe. This makes identifying the site and cause of the blockage much simpler, and consequently, makes the unclogging process more efficient. Furthermore, they’re trained to handle more complex tools like hydro jets, which use high-pressure water to clear out the drain.

Hiring a professional plumber also ensures that the problem gets a long-lasting solution and doesn’t keep recurring, saving you both time and money in the long run. Most importantly, professional plumbers in Bournemouth are familiar with local codes and regulations, ensuring their solutions are up to standard.

Prevention, as always, is the best approach to blocked drains. Be mindful of what gets washed down the drains, ensure regular cleaning of your drain system and carry out periodic professional checks to maintain the health of your drains.

In conclusion, understanding that various blockages require different methods to fix is vital. Knowing when to tackle the blockages yourself or call in professionals can prevent your drain problem from escalating. Also, remember that sound practices in the use of your plumbing system will, in many instances, prevent a drain blockage from occurring in the first place, saving you from the agonising dread that comes with blocked drains.